4 Ways to Use Social Media for a Successful Trade Show

Establishing a strong social media presence will do wonders to your next trade show. However, many companies are afraid of social media because it takes commitment. To maintain visibility, you must stay active and provide followers with consistent, high-quality content. There are many benefits if you decide to commit. 

Gather insights

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are valuable market research tools. In the weeks prior to your event, take time to research keywords and hashtags relevant to your show, brand and industry. This extracts useful insights from potential attendees. What are they excited about? Do they know you’ll be there? You can take social media analytics even deeper by using data mining tools to discover the most commonly used words, phrases, and sentiments.

A channel for communication

Make your presence known to users who are discussing the event by being active on social media. This can be done by responding to queries, liking posts on Instagram and Facebook and retweeting tweets. This reminds people you’re accessible and shows you care about customers. This personal touch will assist in increasing brand awareness and likely encourage users to visit your booth.
Your social media accounts should be considered one of your main channels for communication. For example, you could announce a “Live Q&A”. You can use this platform to answer questions about the event, company, and products at your exhibit.

Live updates

What’s currently happening at your booth? For example, you could use social media to post about promotions, giveaways, or exciting demonstrations scheduled at your booth. You can even provide incentives to attendees who share it on their own timelines. (This will help build brand awareness too!)
Keep in mind that all your followers will not be there live. However, you should still use high-quality videos and photos that your followers can enjoy.

Customer satisfaction tool

Social media is an excellent customer satisfaction tool. Take the time to discover how users felt about the trade show overall — along with your booth, products, and competitors’ products. Ask for constructive feedback — they might provide useful insight that could help to improve your next trade show.

This follow-up process can save customer relationships. If a user has an issue or a question, immediately contact them with a solution. These small gestures will positively affect your reputation. Your company will likely be recognised as one that is proactive, relevant and open to communication.

Social media advantages in summary

In conclusion, if you commit to your social media accounts, you’ll reap the benefits at your next trade show. It will keep you fresh in attendees’ minds. Additionally, your company will build a reputation for being interactive and personable. Combining these advantages will lead to higher booth traffic, more sales leads, and a successful trade show.